Canine Comfort, LLC provides expertise in therapy dog program
development. Registered therapy dogs are widely used in health care
settings, such as skilled nursing facilities, hospitals, and hospice, and in
community settings, including public libraries and schools.  

These specially trained dogs have even made their way into more unusual
settings, such as funeral homes. No matter what the setting, dogs provide
unconditional love, affection, comfort, and support. They provide

distraction and a listening ear, free of judgment or opinion.  

British author Jerome K. Jerome said it best.....
"Dogs never talk about themselves but listen while you talk
about yourself and keep up an appearance of being interested
in the conversation.”

Canine Comfort, LLC provides consultation services to organizations and/or
agencies wishing to develop a therapy dog program utilizing trained
volunteers and their registered therapy dogs. Organizations that can benefit
from therapy dogs programs include but are not limited to:

Home care
Skilled Nursing Facilities
Community Based Residential Facilities (CBRFs)
Assisted Living Facilities
Child Protective Services
Funeral Homes
Children's Library Programs
Bereavement/Grief Support Groups (Adults, Teens, and Children)
Bereavement/Grief-focused Children's Camps

Frequently, many organizations wish to begin their own therapy dog program but simply don’t have the expertise or time required to develop
such a program. Canine Comfort, LLC can provide everything from
complete program development to assistance only in particular areas, such
as comprehensive volunteer training (handler and dog), dog and handler
assessments, temperament testing, and developing policies and procedures.

Therapy dog programs involve more than a nice person bringing a nice dog
into a facility to visit. A skilled therapy dog volunteer should be able to
recognize stress in their dog, understand calming and displacement signals,
and have a well-developed, loving relationship with their dog. A true
therapy dog should be registered with a national therapy dog organization
and be held to high health and temperament standards. Initial and ongoing
assessments are crucial to a safe, effective program. Please visit the
Are Therapy Dogs? page for more information.

Molly Johnson, Owner and Consultant, can tailor a program that will suit
your organization’s needs and those of the people you serve.  For more
information about how Canine Comfort, LLC can professionally develop a
therapy dog program for you, please click
Canine Comfort, LLC
Your partner in therapy dog program development