Services Provided

Canine Comfort, LLC can design a program that fits your organization’s
needs and goals. Whether you wish to develop a new program or simply
need assistance in particular areas, Canine Comfort can help!

Services provided include but are not limited to:

Development of a program mission statement, goals, and objectives,
Development of program policies and procedures,
Addressing insurance and managing risk,
Establishing timeline for program development,
Educating staff and volunteers (initial and ongoing),
Assessing and evaluating potential therapy dogs and their handlers
(initial and ongoing),
Guiding volunteers through therapy dog registration,
Establishing and conducting comprehensive dog & handler training
programs (Canine Comfort University),
Developing volunteer and staff training materials,
Conducting public education sessions to generate excitement and
interest in your program,
Assistance in developing beneficial community partnerships,
Assistance with public relations, marketing, and community outreach
to help spread the word about your new therapy dog program,
And much, much more!

Canine Comfort can provide assistance to any organization in the United States regardless of location.
Travel to your site may not be necessary
but this is dependent upon specific needs and requests.

Please contact Canine Comfort to discuss your needs and obtain consultant
Canine Comfort, LLC
Your partner in therapy dog program development