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Starting a Program

Developing a therapy dog program correctly, from the very start, is
essential for long-term success and viability. A well-thought out,
professionally developed program can mean the difference between
meaningful visits and trouble.  

A quality therapy dog program will have dedicated, caring, compassionate,
and well-trained handlers who have friendly, gentle, and calm registered
therapy dogs.  The program will have a competent leader who is a
champion, someone who not only loves dogs but understands how and why
they are beneficial to the population they serve. Starting a therapy dog
program takes commitment from the entire staff of an organization,
beginning with management.  

If you are interested in developing a therapy dog program,
consider the following:

Does the management of your organization support a therapy dog
program? Do they understand how beneficial the program will be to
the population you serve?
Are staff enthusiastic and willing to become engaged in the program?
If liability is an issue for management, are they aware of the insurance
handlers (volunteers) are eligible for if their dog is registered through
a professional organization?
Does the population you serve show an interest in the program?
Who will help in the program development process? (Remember,
Canine Comfort can take care of this for you!)
Once the program has been developed, who will be responsible for
ongoing volunteer recruitment and program management?
Is your organization willing to provide the needed resources to help
the program remain stable and viable for years to come?

With Canine Comfort, LLC as your partner, you
can have a successful and
innovative therapy dog program that will bring immeasurable joy to those
people you serve. Click
here to learn more about how Canine Comfort, LLC
can help your organization!